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I’ve lived in Las Vegas for a while now. And I’m just so lonely. I keep trying to find guys who can come keep me company. But all of the hot ones are hard to find. You’re awful cute, why not call me and set up a date? I’m a sweet little southern bell who would just love to go out with a hunk like you. I would just love to say your name with my pretty lips. Mmm. I get goose bumps just thinking about it. Las Vegas escorts have needs too.

I might be a petite girl but I have a big personality. I can talk your ear off if you want or just listen real well. It’s your choice. I just love it when you let me show off my skills though. I’m great at dancing, on the club floor and in your hotel room. I can do the sexiest shower dance you have ever seen. You know those fan dances that professional dancers do? I love to do that, but in the shower. I have all kinds of props and costumes that I can bring. It’s your date honey, just tell me what to do. Escorts in Las Vegas love to do what they are told.

Could you keep a pretty little thing like me lonely? Even Las Vegas Escorts get lonely! Especially knowing how hot I must look in my bra and panties? I gotta tell you. I’m not into girls, but if I met me in a lingerie set like the one I have on now, I would want me in a heartbeat! Don’t you want me, baby? Don’t you want to take a nice hard look at this beautiful body in person? I bet you do. Stop wasting our time and give me a call so we can get this date on the road. Don’t keep me waiting, baby. I have been waiting for a man like you for a while, but I don’t want to wait any longer! Come be the man of my dreams!

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